"Retracing the footsteps..."


There are no unsurveyed lands in the State of Texas. This means that theoretically, all tracts of land have been surveyed previously by someone. No matter the age of the survey, the methods and instruments used, or the skill level of the previous surveyors, it is the sworn duty of the Registered Professional Land Surveyor to do his or her best to locate and honor the original survey boundaries. Generations of Texans have relied upon those boundaries and their markers to buy and sell their lands. Boundary markers can range from the iron rods found at the four corners of a subdivision lot to a vague description of a wooden stake set near a small oak tree in the winter of 1865.

Modern surveyors have a wide variety of tools to measure angles and distances with great precision, but these new tools cannot change the property boundaries as they were originally set. We as surveyors must "retrace the footsteps" of the original surveyor, remeasure those old boundaries with our new tools, and when we create new boundaries, they must be based upon the old.


Michael J. MacInnis
TX RPLS #5874

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