Consult an Expert Before You Break Ground

Contact Native Survey Company for oil and gas support

Drilling for oil is a massive undertaking that typically requires state oversight. If your company would like to submit an application to drill a well, work with Native Survey Company for staking and mapping services. We'll ensure you meet all of the state and local requirements so that drilling can start.

We also have decades of experience completing pipeline surveys. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Understand our process for well staking

Within the state of Texas, there are strict guidelines in place for oil wells and pipelines. If you're interested in drilling an oil well, our experienced team will:

  • Survey the proposed drilling site to identify where the well pad will be placed
  • Set clear boundaries on land being used
  • Establish site grading requirements
  • Locate potential power or water ties
  • Suggest where access roads should be built

All of this information is then compiled in a single package required by your county and the state. Contact us today if you have any further questions about the process before we can start.

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