How Much Land Is Rightfully Yours?

Set clear borders with a boundary survey

If you're buying and selling property, inheriting family land or even just starting a landscaping project, it's important to know where your property ends and another begins. Native Survey Company will conduct thorough research and fieldwork to determine your boundaries. We work with both residential and commercial clients throughout the Coastal Bend region.

Call today to set up an appointment. We issue detailed reports and charts when we're finished.

How does a boundary survey work?

Determining borders isn't always as cut as dry as you might think. Hire Native Survey Company to:

  • Research historical records relating to your property and those surrounding it
  • Perform detailed fieldwork, comparing results to historical data
  • Draft a plan, prepare a legal description and write a final report

You may even be surprised by the results. Whether you want to expand your enterprise or give part of your land away, we'll mark your boundaries so you can build safely within your borders.

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