Divide and Parcel Your Property How You See Fit

Reach out to us for subdivision platting services

Do you own a large plot of land that you'd like divided into smaller parts? Whether you're a commercial builder or a private landowner, everyone needs to follow strict guidelines set by zoning boards. Hire the local pros at Native Survey Company for subdivision platting services.

We'll research existing property documents and perform new surveys to ensure your land is split properly. You'll receive a detailed plat map showing boundary locations, nearby streets, flood zones and easements.

Call today to learn more about our subdivision platting services.

When is a new subdivision plat needed?

Platting or replatting land is often required by the city or county before any construction permits can be obtained. A plat map is far more detailed than just a typical boundary survey or topographical map. A property plat will likely be needed if you're:

  • Subdividing land
  • Combining tracts of land
  • Creating a building site
  • Developing a district
  • Amending or correcting errors in a previous plat

If you're unsure if you need to plat or replat your land, speak to a professional at Native Survey Company right away. We can ensure that you're following all of the local codes.

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